Farewell Fabrègas

16 Aug
Cesc Fabregas

Captain Cesc. Image via: http://www.guardian.co.uk

I have not been a Gunners’ Girl for very long, in fact, I have not been a footy fanatic for as long as some other people. But I do have passion for the team I cheer for and I do inject all my energy not invested into university books into sharing the beautiful game with my fellow peers in the Great White North. Fabrègas has been with Arsenal since 2003, and throughout this period, he has gone through a meteoric rise to become the captain of Arsenal. As a young 16 year old boy, he arrived at the Arsenal Academy, in a foreign land, in a different country, playing a different type of football. But throughout his time at Arsenal, he has made his mark in English football. He fits perfectly into Arsène’s way of playing a more elegant game than the hard hitting rough English football. Although this past season, he has been away for half the season , no one can deny the impact that Cesc has on Arsenal. There are plenty of criticism as to him not being the right type of captain, his loyalty swaying and everything. But from what i can see he was very much loved by the Arsenal fans and will always be a part of the Gunners family. He has now moved on back to his home team, this was never a surprise, but the timing could have been better. But for everything, especially in business, ‘one day you’re in, the next day you’re out’ (and can be interpreted in many different ways).

What I’m trying to say, is that, Fabrègas has been a great Gunners player, and I know he will go on and do great things in Barcelona. He will always be a part of the Arsenal I have grown to know and love. Arsenal can only go forwards from here and I cannot wait to see players like Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey step up to the plate and become great players for Arsenal.

Farewell Francesc Fabrègas, you will be missed, but the best of luck to you and your new La Liga team.

Window of Opportunity: Transfer Saga V- Woes of a Gunners’ Girl

7 Jul

Transfer season is a time of many cheers and many tears, but for us Gooners, we are at the point where we are drowning in a sea of collective salty tears with nothing to cheer about. It is normal for the Arsenal transfer season to fairly quiet. Arsène Wenger has a tradition of being able to bring in young fresh talent, while selling older matured players for a substantial amount of money. Wenger is also a very intelligent manager establishing a difficult philosophy in a very cutthroat EPL.

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Window of Opportunity: EPL Transfer Saga IV

28 Jun

Another relatively quiet week in the transfer market leading up to pre-season for all the European clubs. However, the biggest noise notably came from the dressing room of Chelsea where they announced that Adre Villas-Boas is now the official manager of the Blues after the resignation of Carlo Ancelotti at the end of the season.

There are many debates as to whether or not that it is one of the best moves for the next Special One. Andres Villas-Boas is just a young man of 33 years old who is younger than Didier Drogba. However, it will not be the Portuguese’s first time at Stamford Bridge. After a good run at Chelsea back in 2004 with then manager Jose Mourinho as the chief scout, Willas-Boas will take the reins up and will look to bring Chelsea into a successful 2011-2012 season. There are concerns that the young manager does not have enough experience to lead a club like Chelsea. After a very successful first year with Porto, many feel that it is premature to have him switching over to an EPL top club so soon. Most would have liked to see him stay at Porto for the remainder of his contract, however, he has made the decision to accept the offer and move to London. Best of luck to Andre Villas-Boas. The limelight will be on him as the EPL looks for another year of facelift.

Back to School: Elementary Style

21 Jun

What is a footy loving girl to do in the summer? There are no club games and there is only so much transfer news I can keep up with until my head explodes and honestly, I just don’t care unless it involves Arsenal and any management changes. So having to be innovative, my entrepreneurial spirit was brought out as I endeavoured to put together my very first event outside my academic setting (though the event was school related). How does this relate to sports? Let me share with you about my day at a  elementary school (a place I haven’t been since 10 years ago) with kids and a very passionate footballer.

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Window of Opportunity: EPL Transfer Saga III- The Villa Special Ed.

20 Jun

As summer has officially rolled around here in Toronto festivals and celebrations are happening 24/7. There are no shortages of things to do in the varied city. For the athletes of North America, most are probably golfing and having some vacay time with their families and/or their other half. An ocean away, most footy stars are probably perusing the beaches of Spain, Caribbean, Miami, and other exotic places I don’t yet know about. However, while most of the N. American stars are enjoying time before pre-season, a lot of our favourite footy stars are waiting to hear if they will be transferred or moved.

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Window of Opportunity: EPL Transfer Saga II

12 Jun

It is still early in the transfer market and while there are numerous rumors and speculations this has been a hectic week of deal makers, deal breakers, and deal wishers. Arguably, the biggest EPL transfer news probably came out of King Kenny’s new rejuvenated Liverpool squad and Fergie’s Manchester United champion squad.

Latest to join the Reds, England International, Jordan Henderson. Image via liverpoolfc.tv

With the starting a new Red era, Dalglish has his sights set on several youths to train them up to eventual replace the aging Cops’ talimans in Gerrard and Carragher. Out of all the top flight teams in the EPL, King Kenny has struck a deal with Sunderland for the young and talented 20 year old English international Jordan Henderson for £20m and David Ngog. This versatile and consistent youngster will be a great edition to Liverpool and will look to grow exponentially in Dalglish’s improved squad along side the likes of fellow England international Andy Carroll, and veterans Stevie Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

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Window of Opportunity: EPL Transfer Saga I

7 Jun
nasri 215x300 Samir Nasri Can Step Into Cesc Fabregas’ Shoes at Arsenal

Nasri rumored for Arsenal exit

As exciting as football games are during the year, people seem to flock to transfer rumors like bees to honey. Summer is by far one of the most exciting and frustrating times during a club’s year. After a year of play, the manager has a better idea of what will  continue to work with his team and what will not. It is always an emotional time for players and managers, but most of all, I believe fans are affected the most. With a month to go before the official transfer window opens, talks of transfers between clubs, managers, execs, and players are already well underway.

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